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Waterfalls in Malappuram

Are you looking for various Waterfalls in Malappuram !?. Well, to be frank, I'm little confused to say the count as there are many other tiny waterfalls formed throughout the district. So apart from that, few well-known waterfalls where visitors enjoy spending time are Kerala kundu Waterfalls, Adyanpara Waterfalls, Kozhippara Waterfalls etc...

Waterfalls in Malappuram - Overview

Most of the waterfalls are located in a place called Nilambur, which is considered as the greenish land of northern Kerala. So planning a trip for one or two days will generally move on to success. 

Kerala Kundu Waterfalls

Kerala Kundu Waterfalls is located in the  middle of Silent Valley territory in a small village called Karuvarakkundu in Malappuram. It takes hardly 6 km from Karuvarakkundu to reach there. As the name specifies there is a beautiful large pond forming out in the center of  a forest. The cool natural water that cascades through the rocks helps its way down to the earth. This allows the visitors to take a bow by having a bath under the cool water. This Waterfall phenomenally made an impact over the Waterfalls in Malappuram over the decades.

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Adyanpara Waterfalls

Adyanpara Waterfalls are another central attraction of Nilambur tourism since it has started flowing. Adyanpara is located in a village called Kurumbalangode. It is almost 14 km away from Nilambur town. This waterfall is surrounded by dense forest, so nature lovers got an upper hand in their trip. There are so many pools formed naturally on various parts of rocks though people usually prefer the entry side pool which is larger and beautiful compared to the other. But be cautious as the rocks are slippery during rainy seasons. Still it is considered as the best Waterfalls in Malappuram.

Have a go through on complete information to know more by reading Adyanpara Waterfalls.

Kozhippara Waterfalls

Kozhippara Waterfalls is an exact location for nature lovers and adventure maniacs. The perfect rock placing will help the amateur rock climbers to make a way up to the top. The series of flow of water will definitely encourage visitors to make a cool bath in a group also. Kozhippara Waterfalls is a special attraction of Kakkadampoyil Hill Station located in Vallamthodu village. So it is also called as Kakkadampoyil Waterfalls. The place is a picturesque spot which is a major showcase for many travelers to hold a while and capture their moment on the camera.

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Apart from the mentioned category you may find so many other tiny Waterfalls in Malappuram. Few additional falls which are not mentioned in the above list are Oly Waterfalls and Pathar Waterfalls. But I still strongly suggest you visit the above-mentioned waterfalls.

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