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Kerala Kundu Waterfalls

A top view of Kerala Kundu Waterfalls

Kerala Kundu Waterfalls may not be a familiar place for many people. The site is located in the middle of Silent Valley territory in a small village called Karuvarakkundu in Malappuram District of Kerala. It is hardly 6 km away from the locale and concluded with a drive of below 10 minutes. It is also known as Kalkundu Waterfall and Karuvarakkundu Waterfalls.

A force of Nature: Kerala Kundu Waterfalls

According to the scientific facts, this is the oldest Waterfalls formed which is still vibrant and not faded away. As the waterfall situated in the middle of Silent Valley, it is bestowed with a pleasant and composed ambiance. The water will never end up flowing here. Even in Summer, there will be a large estimate of the audience to enjoy having a chit chat with friends. But most of the visitors will be from the neighborhood and, in general, youngsters are more attracted to the spot.

A large pond formed on Kerala Kundu

As the name specifies, there is a crowd-pleasing large pond formed out in the center. The water keeps flowing down through the rocks, as a result, the pond purifies naturally. Many people dive into the water from the top to get refreshed. The experiment of making dives from various spots resulted in danger many times. So be careful while walking on the slippery rocks as it is difficult to hold firmly and hard to pin on. 

As it is a scenic location people do take photos with nature. The Kerala Kundu forest has a wide variety of fauna and flora species. Mammals, birds, fishes, butterflies and many other animals find their residence here. But no need to get worried as these are miles away from the Kerala Kundu Waterfalls site. 

Spending few hours in the water will give you a relaxing breath and obviously prompt you to have a heavy meal. I suggest you carry enough food and water along with you while packing up as there are no proper food stations or shops.

Best time to visit the spot

It is always preferable to visit during monsoon seasons but try to avoid heavy raining days as Kerala Kundu Waterfalls stream flow will be very high. In Kerala, the monsoon season happens in two main periods. The first one starts at the end of May or beginning of July and last till September. The second one starts in the month of October and last till November. So during these periods the waterfall will be a heaven destiny for all nature lovers and adventure freaks.

A hope for development

The rumors already spreading that Kerala Government is going to invest a huge amount for the renovation of the spot. If it happens Kerala Kundu waterfalls will be one of the hottest spots in Malabar with a phenomenal tourist attraction. Rumors says that the main focus will be to develop a proper way to reach the last accent of the site. Safety will be another question that might be answered with solidarity. Proper security guards may come into the action in order to restrict the adventure lovers climbing high rocks. Yes, It will definitely avoid so many accidents. 

How to reach the spot?

Nearest airport

 You can fly to Calicut International Airport which is almost 35 km away from the spot.

Nearest Railway station

The place can be accessible easily by train if you are traveling from a huge distance. Melattur is the nearest railway station with a distance of 10 km from the spot. 

Road :

The place lies remotely 10-20 minutes walk away from Perinthalmanna - Nilambur highway. The current way is little difficult to access though it will probably change once the spot renovates in upcoming years.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Waterfalls in Malappuram

Are you looking for various Waterfalls in Malappuram !?. Well, to be frank, I'm little confused to say the count as there are many other tiny waterfalls formed throughout the district. So apart from that, few well-known waterfalls where visitors enjoy spending time are Kerala kundu Waterfalls, Adyanpara Waterfalls, Kozhippara Waterfalls etc...

Waterfalls in Malappuram - Overview

Most of the waterfalls are located in a place called Nilambur, which is considered as the greenish land of northern Kerala. So planning a trip for one or two days will generally move on to success. 

Kerala Kundu Waterfalls

Kerala Kundu Waterfalls is located in the  middle of Silent Valley territory in a small village called Karuvarakkundu in Malappuram. It takes hardly 6 km from Karuvarakkundu to reach there. As the name specifies there is a beautiful large pond forming out in the center of  a forest. The cool natural water that cascades through the rocks helps its way down to the earth. This allows the visitors to take a bow by having a bath under the cool water. This Waterfall phenomenally made an impact over the Waterfalls in Malappuram over the decades.

Want to know the real experience of the place. Read Kerala Kundu Waterfalls.

Adyanpara Waterfalls

Adyanpara Waterfalls are another central attraction of Nilambur tourism since it has started flowing. Adyanpara is located in a village called Kurumbalangode. It is almost 14 km away from Nilambur town. This waterfall is surrounded by dense forest, so nature lovers got an upper hand in their trip. There are so many pools formed naturally on various parts of rocks though people usually prefer the entry side pool which is larger and beautiful compared to the other. But be cautious as the rocks are slippery during rainy seasons. Still it is considered as the best Waterfalls in Malappuram.

Have a go through on complete information to know more by reading Adyanpara Waterfalls.

Kozhippara Waterfalls

Kozhippara Waterfalls is an exact location for nature lovers and adventure maniacs. The perfect rock placing will help the amateur rock climbers to make a way up to the top. The series of flow of water will definitely encourage visitors to make a cool bath in a group also. Kozhippara Waterfalls is a special attraction of Kakkadampoyil Hill Station located in Vallamthodu village. So it is also called as Kakkadampoyil Waterfalls. The place is a picturesque spot which is a major showcase for many travelers to hold a while and capture their moment on the camera.

Read and See more about the astonishing experience of the journey through Kozhippara Waterfalls.  

Apart from the mentioned category you may find so many other tiny Waterfalls in Malappuram. Few additional falls which are not mentioned in the above list are Oly Waterfalls and Pathar Waterfalls. But I still strongly suggest you visit the above-mentioned waterfalls.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Adyanpara Waterfall Nilambur

           I think very few people must have visited Adyanpara Waterfall Nilambur (ആട്യൻ പാറ). After reading this page, I hope you won't list out this particular place anymore from your ride. It is good to see on rainy season rather than in summer so always plan your trip according to that.

Adyanpara Waterfall - Where and What?

Adyanpara Waterfalls images
Adyanpara Waterfall - A view to the top

              The Waterfalls is situated in the village of Kurumbalangode which is around 14 km from the town of Nilambur. The route is really interesting and always challenging for a traveler with steep climbs, but the inexperienced drivers may find the last ascent to the waterfalls a bit difficult. People usually prefer either car or bike while traveling as there are no bus services to reach the destination. The third option is hiring a rikshaw from Nilambur town which will cost you some amount. We usually go by bike which is considerably the best experience if you are planning your trip with friends.

Natural cascading style

Adyanpara Waterfall are is well known for the natural cascading style as the waterfall descending over the rock. The waterfall is very treacherous and best known for its scenic surroundings. It is surrounded by evergreen forest and spectacular landscapes and also there will be so many varieties of birds singing for you. So the feel of a forest will make you walk over the rock to find some places to sit down aside the flow of stream with your legs dipped in the cold water. A fairly low temperature will always keep you awake as the fresh air flowing through your body and mind. 

Beautiful pool on rocks

Adyanpara Waterfalls pond
Naturally formed pool on Adyanpara Waterfall region
           After cascading through the rocks, the waterfall forms a small pool in some of the places which are ideal for a relaxing dip. So you can cool off by taking a dip in the pool. But be cautious not to get on the slithery surface of rock as it is really dangerous. Indeed taking a bath under the pure natural shower will be a refreshing experience for sure. People usually come in a large group in order to enjoy diving and swimming in the fresh natural water pool formed. Most of the visitors finds their bath under a big rock where water falling from the top. Countless people will gather here to enjoy the awesome experience during monsoon seasons. 

Other attractions near Adyanpara

If the trip is along with a group of people almost a day you can spend over there. Nilambur is famous for some other tourist destinations like Teak Museum and Conolly's Plot which you may add to your trip index if interested for more. Definitely after a relaxing dip in the water, a walk through the teak plantations will give you a fresh breath. If I were planning a trip then I would have found few more time to enjoy both these places.

Hotels in Adyanpara and Nilambur 

There are no food corners or hotels available. Better be alert to take necessary food and water which will energize you throughout the journey.Yeah, there is a small shop in the entry area where you will get snacks and drinking water. If you are too lazy to carry food bag with you, don't worry ! just have another 10 km ride to find some average rated hotels with average quality food. Another 4 km ride from there will take you to Nilambur town where you can find so many quality food corners with a variety of cuisines.

Adyanpara Waterfall Nilambur is an excellent place for photography. So don't forget to take your cam with you. 

How to reach the Adyanpara?

Nearest airport

Adyanpara does have so many visitors coming overseas as well. The nearest airport is located in Calicut district with a distance of 58 km. Even people visiting from outer boundaries of Kerala can also come by flight.

Nearest Railway station:

Nilambur is the nearest railway station. The railway station located 16 km away from the Adyanpara Waterfalls Nilambur.

Road : 

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Adyanpara Waterfalls
Adyanpara Waterfalls - A view to top

Tree on Adyanpara
Tree grown on Adyanpara
Adyanpara Natural Pond
Naturally formed pond on  Adyanpara
Red crab on Adyanpara Waterfalls
Red Crab on Adyanpara
Adyanpara Waterfalls images
Picturesque spots on Adyanpara
Rocks Adyanpara Waterfalls
Attractive view of Adyanpara
Adyanpara Waterfalls Pictures
Low Water flows on Adyanpara
Adyanpara Waterfall Cascades
Cascades on Adyanpara