Nilambur is one of the places in Kerala where dense forests lie on the shadow of every corners. The attractions of Nilambur has always been correlated to nature and its beauty. The studies shows that comparing to the other districts in Kerala, Malappuram has more promotions for afforestation. Even though the place is not highly developed, it is still considered to be the land of greenery. I've almost visited all the places throughout the district and the details are completely based on my experience of the journey.

The district of Malappuram situated near to Wayanad and Palakkad which are another places rich in healthy green foliage. The place is surrounded by Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary and Silent valley National Park. Nilambur Forestry has a great attraction among many visitors from overseas as well. Every year countless people make their way to enjoy the spot. A Museum also associated in Nilambur for the research and study which mainly focuses on Teaks. I would recommend few of the sites that you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Teak Museum

Well, Teak Museum , Nilambur is worlds first ever museum built for studies of teaks. I've visited here so many times and i don't mind scoring once again. If you are interested to learn about teaks and its conservation, then this is the apt place for you. Nature lovers will enjoy spending time here. I've no doubt in mentioning it as the top most attractions of Nilambur.

How to reach here

The Museum located  4 km in reach of Nilambur town on the Nilambur - Gudalur route. The spot is exactly on the side of highway so you don't need to travel more to reach there.

The nearest railway station is 3 km away from the spot which helps many travelers from the Southern part of Kerala to reach safely.

The nearest airport is located in Calicut which is around 47 km away.

The Best time to visit Teak Museum

The best time and date depends on your other trip factors like places to be visited and your convenience. The Museum will be opened only in the day time 10 am to 5 pm.

Conolly's Plot

Which is world's first Teak Plantation ? Believe it or not ! The answer lies here in this place. Conolly's Plot is well known for the first ever built Plantations of teak with oldest living teak in India. Other than teak there are large trees grown to make a natural note to the place which indeed gives immense pleasure for the visitors.

How to reach here

The Plot is 2 km down of Nilambur town and not so far away from Teak Museum.

There is a small walk needed to reach the spot through a Hanging bridge.The nearest Railway station is at a distance of 7 km and airport is at a distance of 41 km.

The Best time to visit Conolly's Plot

The spot is always good to visit. It depends on your plan and time of visits. Even though try to avoid the monsoon seasons which may trouble you enjoying the trip. However the best in nature always visible in the monsoon seasons.

Adyanpara Waterfalls

One of the best natural waterfalls which flows throughout all the seasons. Adyanpara Waterfalls renowned for the natural cascading style of water flow which is really a chilling experience for the viewers. Visitors enjoy taking a bath under the waterfall and various pools naturally created. I've a sequence of pictures stored both on my camera and mind when ever i visit this place. The scenic atmosphere and chilling climate resembles the place still as one of the attractions of the city.

How to reach here

The spot is located in Kurumalangode which is 14 km away from the town of Nilambur. 

The nearest railway station is 16 km away from the spot a airport lies in a distance of 59 km.

The Best time to visit Adyanpara Waterfalls

Even though water flows in all the seasons the beauty carries to the peek just after the monsoon of Kerala. So if your dates are flexible Visit a day early after July. August to January will also preferably be good for visiting the place which will give you a picturesque view.

The attractions of Nilambur is not yet over. There are so many locales where any one may have spot their glance to sketch out the perfect themes of the city.

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