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Adyanpara Waterfall Nilambur

           I think very few people must have visited Adyanpara Waterfall Nilambur (ആട്യൻ പാറ). After reading this page, I hope you won't list out this particular place anymore from your ride. It is good to see on rainy season rather than in summer so always plan your trip according to that.

Adyanpara Waterfall - Where and What?

Adyanpara Waterfalls images
Adyanpara Waterfall - A view to the top

              The Waterfalls is situated in the village of Kurumbalangode which is around 14 km from the town of Nilambur. The route is really interesting and always challenging for a traveler with steep climbs, but the inexperienced drivers may find the last ascent to the waterfalls a bit difficult. People usually prefer either car or bike while traveling as there are no bus services to reach the destination. The third option is hiring a rikshaw from Nilambur town which will cost you some amount. We usually go by bike which is considerably the best experience if you are planning your trip with friends.

Natural cascading style

Adyanpara Waterfall are is well known for the natural cascading style as the waterfall descending over the rock. The waterfall is very treacherous and best known for its scenic surroundings. It is surrounded by evergreen forest and spectacular landscapes and also there will be so many varieties of birds singing for you. So the feel of a forest will make you walk over the rock to find some places to sit down aside the flow of stream with your legs dipped in the cold water. A fairly low temperature will always keep you awake as the fresh air flowing through your body and mind. 

Beautiful pool on rocks

Adyanpara Waterfalls pond
Naturally formed pool on Adyanpara Waterfall region
           After cascading through the rocks, the waterfall forms a small pool in some of the places which are ideal for a relaxing dip. So you can cool off by taking a dip in the pool. But be cautious not to get on the slithery surface of rock as it is really dangerous. Indeed taking a bath under the pure natural shower will be a refreshing experience for sure. People usually come in a large group in order to enjoy diving and swimming in the fresh natural water pool formed. Most of the visitors finds their bath under a big rock where water falling from the top. Countless people will gather here to enjoy the awesome experience during monsoon seasons. 

Other attractions near Adyanpara

If the trip is along with a group of people almost a day you can spend over there. Nilambur is famous for some other tourist destinations like Teak Museum and Conolly's Plot which you may add to your trip index if interested for more. Definitely after a relaxing dip in the water, a walk through the teak plantations will give you a fresh breath. If I were planning a trip then I would have found few more time to enjoy both these places.

Hotels in Adyanpara and Nilambur 

There are no food corners or hotels available. Better be alert to take necessary food and water which will energize you throughout the journey.Yeah, there is a small shop in the entry area where you will get snacks and drinking water. If you are too lazy to carry food bag with you, don't worry ! just have another 10 km ride to find some average rated hotels with average quality food. Another 4 km ride from there will take you to Nilambur town where you can find so many quality food corners with a variety of cuisines.

Adyanpara Waterfall Nilambur is an excellent place for photography. So don't forget to take your cam with you. 

How to reach the Adyanpara?

Nearest airport

Adyanpara does have so many visitors coming overseas as well. The nearest airport is located in Calicut district with a distance of 58 km. Even people visiting from outer boundaries of Kerala can also come by flight.

Nearest Railway station:

Nilambur is the nearest railway station. The railway station located 16 km away from the Adyanpara Waterfalls Nilambur.

Road : 

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Adyanpara Waterfalls
Adyanpara Waterfalls - A view to top

Tree on Adyanpara
Tree grown on Adyanpara
Adyanpara Natural Pond
Naturally formed pond on  Adyanpara
Red crab on Adyanpara Waterfalls
Red Crab on Adyanpara
Adyanpara Waterfalls images
Picturesque spots on Adyanpara
Rocks Adyanpara Waterfalls
Attractive view of Adyanpara
Adyanpara Waterfalls Pictures
Low Water flows on Adyanpara
Adyanpara Waterfall Cascades
Cascades on Adyanpara

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Nilambur Teak Plantation

                Nilambur Teak Plantation is considered to be world's first of its kind which commenced in 1842. It is located almost 2 km away from the town of Nilambur in a place called Vadapuram.

Establishment of Teak Plantation

History of Conollys Plot
Information for the visitors
The actual name of the spot is Conollys Plot Nilambur given to the plantation as it was generated during the period of Malabar district collector Henry Conolly who took well effort for creating the plot. The Forest Department of Kerala has taken well care of the plantation to make an identity by safeguarding the region. It is actually situated near to Nilambur Teak Museum which is another attraction of Nilambur. The plot is about 2.31 hectares of area and thousands of several teak has been cultivated years ago and still it's preserving. But according to the recent studies, teak trees here are almost 90 percentage dead and it is hardly finding its extinction. 
Conollys Plot Teak Plantaton
Teak Plantation at Conollys Plot

Interested Group

The visitors come in a large group to attain the collective information regarding various aspects of teak and its cultivation. The real feel of a forest gives us the pleasure of enjoying nature's beauty. If you are in a group, never mind having a walk through the teak plantations to feel the fresh air. Apart from teak there are so many other trees have its origin to make a feel of the forest. The bamboos are one kind among them which draws audience interest. If you are a nature lover and wish to spend some time for relaxation you definitely find worth visiting the spot.  

A hanging bridge takes you to Nilambur Teak Plantation

Hanging Bridge Nilambur
Hanging Bridge
For reaching Conollys Plot, a person has to walk through a long hanging bridge which is almost above 140 feet from the surface. Sometimes the suspension of the bridge makes you worry a bit while walking through it. In fact, one of the main attractions of visitors is the hanging bridge and the walk over it. A person gets a complete picture of the spot while walking through it. I can definitely say it is one of the most attractive suspension bridge with a picturesque view around.

The Tallest and the Oldest teak in Nilambur

You can find the tallest and oldest teak here in plantation locale Nilambur. The tallest one almost touching the sky and it is astonishing to see him standing so tall. Here the highest teak is above 46 meters tall and 420 centimeters girth. Ultimately a group
Conollys Plot Biggest teak
Biggest tree in Nilambur Teak Plantation 
of 7 members together can hug a massive teak. Visitors usually taken photos holding our hands in a circle to make him stand tall for long. It is obviously a great effort from the Forest Department  of Kerala to make it live even after years. Bravos !

How to reach the spot?

Nearest airport:  

According to the stats, out of the total percentage of visitors coming to Kerala every year 6% advances to Nilambur. They consider plantation as the best place to learn more about Teaks. So more preferably people from overseas can capitalize the services of Calicut International Airport located 41 km away from  the spot.  

Nearest Railway station:

Nilambur Railway station is only 7 km away from the spot as  most of the travelers from both Southern Kerala and Northern India will prefer a calm journey. You can avail either bus or rickshaw after alighting from the train.

Road :

You don't have end access to the place in your vehicle. A walk over Chaliyar river through the hanging bridge will make your way to the exact spot.

For more information :

Contact Number - +91-4931-222846 , 220218 

Website- Conollys Plot

Friday, 11 July 2014

Nilambur Teak Museum

              Nilambur Teak Museum is actually a plot for historical, aesthetic and scientific aspects of different categories of teak and its study. It is located 4 km away from Nilambur town on the Nilambur - Gudalur route. The Museum established and operated by Kerala Forest Research Institution (KFRI) in the year of 1995. The Museum is very near to the famous Conolly's Plot which is another place where large teak plantations preserved.

Teak Museum is known for worlds first one in this category and the only one in India. The people those who are interested to know about teak , its history and other details should have a visit over here. Information related to various flower, fruit, seeds and regeneration of teak plants and its aspects are given here in the Museum. You will also find a variety of furniture and crafts made up of teak. There is a screen show has been arranged in the museum which elaborates the features of teak and its necessity. 

The entrance is beautifully managed by raising bamboos in huge numbers on both sideways. The frontage is decorated by planting various trees and flowers. There is a lovely small pond artificially built in order to gain visitors attractions. Once we entered the museum various facts and statistics about teak are given both in pictured appearance and created a methodology. Several traditional harvesting tools made up of teak are displayed for understanding its purpose and usage.

A magnified model of teak seed is a great attraction of visitors which is framed in glass. There is a collection of old coins and ancient money forms which gives a detailed study. The photos of Mr. Henry Conolly and Shri. Chathumenon has been labelled here in frames as a form of respect to them.

A quick look on major attractions in Nilambur Teak Museum

Other exciting attractions of the place are Butterfly Park and large Flower Garden situated near to the Museum. 

Butterfly Park 

KFRI promotes the best effort to maintain a park for Butterflies in Peechi of Kerala. They have a sub-centre park which is associated nearby teak museum in Nilambur. The park has a huge collection of species. Butterflies are nurtured in the laboratory and later released into the park where their nutritious substance artificially created. The visitors main attraction will be held towards the glowing animations of various butterflies in the park.

For more information:

E-mail - butterfly@kfri.res.in

Bio-resources Nature Park

Bio-resource Nature Park  has been established in the year of 2007 by KFRI as a part of the teak museum in order to share nature awareness to the people. It has a wide variety of plants occupied in a space of 10 hectares. There are several varieties of medicinal plants, ornamental plants and aesthetic plants have been cultivated and preserved. Almost 1200 species of plants have introduced in total space. Among them, Orchid plants has a huge volume of space and it is diverse and widespread family.

For more information:

E-mail - naturetrail@kfri.res.in

          The fresh air while walking through the area is really a good feeling to the nature lovers. Taking photos standing near and round of teak will be a great moment to store in the memory. If you are overtired go out and have some sugarcane Juice and salted gooseberry which is our main attraction whenever we visit there.   Yeah ! It is worth spending almost 2 or more hours in Nilambur Teak Museum. Note that the visiting hours are between 10 am and 5 pm.

How to reach the spot?

Nearest airport

People those who faraway find slight discomfort to reach either through road or by rail. So the best option is through air. The nearest airport is Calicut with a distance of 47 km. There is another option called Cochin International Airport which is 163 km (Normally 4 Hours) drive through NH47. It is not preferred though !

Nearest Railway station

For a long journey, the better choice is always rail while comparing to the road. During the British rule in India, a railway is built from Shoranur Junction to Nilambur Road. It is just 3 km from the spot.

Road : 

The place lies on Nilambur - Gudalur highway. You don't need to take any diversion to find the place.There is an indication of board has placed on the highway side for the unfamiliar visitors to find the place without any difficulty.

For more information :

Contact Number - +91-4931-222846 , 220218 
E-mail - teakmuseum@gmail.com
Website - http://www.kfri.res.in/teak_museum.asp