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Nilambur Teak Museum

              Nilambur Teak Museum is actually a plot for historical, aesthetic and scientific aspects of different categories of teak and its study. It is located 4 km away from Nilambur town on the Nilambur - Gudalur route. The Museum established and operated by Kerala Forest Research Institution (KFRI) in the year of 1995. The Museum is very near to the famous Conolly's Plot which is another place where large teak plantations preserved.

Teak Museum is known for worlds first one in this category and the only one in India. The people those who are interested to know about teak , its history and other details should have a visit over here. Information related to various flower, fruit, seeds and regeneration of teak plants and its aspects are given here in the Museum. You will also find a variety of furniture and crafts made up of teak. There is a screen show has been arranged in the museum which elaborates the features of teak and its necessity. 

The entrance is beautifully managed by raising bamboos in huge numbers on both sideways. The frontage is decorated by planting various trees and flowers. There is a lovely small pond artificially built in order to gain visitors attractions. Once we entered the museum various facts and statistics about teak are given both in pictured appearance and created a methodology. Several traditional harvesting tools made up of teak are displayed for understanding its purpose and usage.

A magnified model of teak seed is a great attraction of visitors which is framed in glass. There is a collection of old coins and ancient money forms which gives a detailed study. The photos of Mr. Henry Conolly and Shri. Chathumenon has been labelled here in frames as a form of respect to them.

A quick look on major attractions in Nilambur Teak Museum

Other exciting attractions of the place are Butterfly Park and large Flower Garden situated near to the Museum. 

Butterfly Park 

KFRI promotes the best effort to maintain a park for Butterflies in Peechi of Kerala. They have a sub-centre park which is associated nearby teak museum in Nilambur. The park has a huge collection of species. Butterflies are nurtured in the laboratory and later released into the park where their nutritious substance artificially created. The visitors main attraction will be held towards the glowing animations of various butterflies in the park.

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Bio-resources Nature Park

Bio-resource Nature Park  has been established in the year of 2007 by KFRI as a part of the teak museum in order to share nature awareness to the people. It has a wide variety of plants occupied in a space of 10 hectares. There are several varieties of medicinal plants, ornamental plants and aesthetic plants have been cultivated and preserved. Almost 1200 species of plants have introduced in total space. Among them, Orchid plants has a huge volume of space and it is diverse and widespread family.

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          The fresh air while walking through the area is really a good feeling to the nature lovers. Taking photos standing near and round of teak will be a great moment to store in the memory. If you are overtired go out and have some sugarcane Juice and salted gooseberry which is our main attraction whenever we visit there.   Yeah ! It is worth spending almost 2 or more hours in Nilambur Teak Museum. Note that the visiting hours are between 10 am and 5 pm.

How to reach the spot?

Nearest airport

People those who faraway find slight discomfort to reach either through road or by rail. So the best option is through air. The nearest airport is Calicut with a distance of 47 km. There is another option called Cochin International Airport which is 163 km (Normally 4 Hours) drive through NH47. It is not preferred though !

Nearest Railway station

For a long journey, the better choice is always rail while comparing to the road. During the British rule in India, a railway is built from Shoranur Junction to Nilambur Road. It is just 3 km from the spot.

Road : 

The place lies on Nilambur - Gudalur highway. You don't need to take any diversion to find the place.There is an indication of board has placed on the highway side for the unfamiliar visitors to find the place without any difficulty.

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